Pricing and Booking

Our rates are now as shown below

Monday to FridaySaturday and Sunday
Morning8am to 1pm£27£37
Afternoon1pm to 6pm£27£37
Evening6pm to 10pm£27£37
Joe Godden £15 per session
Stage lighting£20 per performance
Cupboard Storage£20 per unit per year
Under stage storage£100 per unit per year

Special rates apply for use as a polling station and parish council assemblies.

Commercial events from outside the Village will be subject to individual hire rates negotiated by the Committee prior to accepting the bookings.

We now have an online booking system. To book:

  • Scroll down in the window below to see the calendar, look for the date you want to book and check that it is free
  • Click New Booking and enter your booking details, giving the start and end time which will create a provisional booking.
  • Note that the charging is by session – so if your times span more than one session you will be charged for both. Your booking will be reviewed and generally confirmed. An invoice will be generated and e-mailed to you. 
  • Please note you must have read the Terms and Conditions before making any bookings and tick the box to confirm this.
  • You cannot enter the Hall before your Booked time and you must leave the Hall at the end of your booking time, the Hall should be left as you found it. If you require time to prepare or clean up this must be done within your booking time
  • Please be mindfull that another booking may be following on and will wish to have the ready as their booking starts.
  • You must take your rubbish home with you, the Hall does not have the facility to dispose of it.

  • The Booking Clerk must be notified of a cancellation at least 7 days before the Booking or the full booking charge may be payable.
  • COVID, there is no longer a legal requirement to complete a Risk Analysis. You must follow the guidance below.
  • Some windows and front doors should remain open to ensure ventilation when the hall is in use
  • The Hall currently has a limit of 200 people
  • You should use the hand sanitiser on entry and leaving the Hall

 The Hall must be left as you find it, all chairs and tables returned to their places. Chairs on the stage must be returned to the stage. If the Hall is left untidy we reseve the right to levy an extra charge. The Caretaker has to carry out extra work to restore the Hall to a clean condition.

You must leave the Hall secure at the end of your booked time. Overruns may result in additional charges.

Please note that you must not use the hall unless you have a confirmed booking.

Keys may be collected from David Young 8 Weald View Staplecross

01580 830000 or 07777 655603